Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association

Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association

Next Steps for MCI Rent Increase Orders and Summary of 11/2 Meeting

What We Need Tenants to Do NOW:
Join the Tenants Association and Sign a Public Membership Pledge. Complete SCRIE/DRIE Abatement Adjustment Forms, if appropriate.  All links to forms and where completed forms go can be found in this post.


To protect themselves from MCI increases, SCRIE/DRIE tenants must fill out an Adjustment to Abatement Form and submit them to the NYC Finance Dept. with copy a of the DHCR Order of Rent Increase for an MCI.

Emergency Meeting on MCIs This Sat, 11/2 1pm to 4pm

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of MCIs will be explained at a general tenants’ meeting on Saturday, November 2, at 1:00 PM at Intermediate School 104.

Rent Increases for Major Capital Improvements Rain upon Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper

Our community is being bombarded with MCIs. With five (5) rent increases approved and thousands of dollars at stake for tenants, the TA is working with attorney and electeds to get Orders rescinded. Emergency tenant meeting date/time to be announced soon.

Second MCI Order, Now Being Received in Peter Cooper Village, Also Contains Reversible Error

DHCR has slapped PCV tenants with a rent increase order, less than a week after hitting Stuy Towners with one for their video intercom.  This one— for the TV/Security System and Video Command Center—has reached PCV first, but the system is complex-wide and the MCI is expected to hit Stuy Town also—effectively doubling down on Stuytowners already reeling from last week’s order.

ST Video Intercom MCI Update: DHCR’s Order Contains Reversible Error

Agency’s failure to consider our attorney’s prior filing of objections suggests implementation of $12-$15 per month rent increase may be reconsidered.

Ironically, CW to Tenants: Stop Being So Greedy

CW Capital answers Tenants Rent Reduction Application before New York State Housing and Community Renewal.  Uses opportunity to publicly call tenants “crass, petty and mean spirited”. Characterizes tenant’s application as an “opportunity to profit”.

Mayoral Forum for Stuyvesant Town - Peter Cooper Village Residents - June 26, 2013 - 7 p.m.

Major candidates from both Democrat and Republican parties have confirmed.  Join us at I.S. 104 for this first ever event.

How to Handle Requests For Access To Your Apartment By Management

With so many complaints of unauthorized access by management we thought it important to explain your rights as well as your responsibilities.

CRIME ALERT: Burglaries Plus Unauthorized Apartment Entry in Stuyvesant Town

UPDATE: 5/14/2013: A FOURTH report has just been confirmed.  See more.

With increasing reports of serious felonies and “open-door” invitations to crime in our community, Tenants Association advises residents to double lock and keep eyes open.

Sandy Service Restoration, Property Loss, and Gas Repair Survey

Survey of dates for restoration of services for evaluation of additional rebates, property losses, and issues with gas repairs.

At Last, The Roberts Litigation is Settled

The long awaited Roberts settlement was just announced.

Tenants Association to Residents with Flooded Storage Units:  Think Twice About Signing Waiver

Takes issue with residents having to sign a wavier to retrieve their property.

Tenants Association to CW Capital: Time For You To Move On

Association to communicate directly to the bondholders CW Capital represents since CW won’t engage with the tenants who live here.

CW Capital and Rose End Unauthorized Use of Residents’ Photos in Marketing of Stuy-Town Apartments

In response to a complaint by the Tenants Association, CW Capital’s property manager for Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village has ended videotaping and photographing of residents at Oval events.

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