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folder Amenities
Feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints on amenities provided to residents of ST/PCV. NOTE: Amenities are not Services. Amenities are gratuitous, versus Services which are required under the law.
folder Conversion Partnership (TA & Brookfield) (9)
Information about the partnership between the Tenants Association and Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) formed in late 2011 to develop a conversion and restructuring plan to preserve the long-term affordability of the Community.
folder Financial Health of the Owner (1)
folder J-51 Litigation for (now Former) Market Rate Tenants (4)
All questions regarding the J-51 Roberts decision and its impacts on all tenants.
folder Leases, Renewals and Increases (1)
Learn about your lease, renewal guidelines, Rent Guidelines Board (RGB), Succession Rights, Legal Sublets and other related subjects.
folder MCI's (5)
Major Capital Improvements - For the Tenant. Note your complex (ST=Stuyvesant Town), (PCV=Peter Cooper Village)
folder Membership (1)
folder Organization and Volunteering (1)
folder Owner/Landlord Implemented Rules (1)
folder Quality of Life Issues (1)
folder Rent Law Advocacy
folder Services (1)
Required services under the multiple dwelling and rent stabilization laws. Examples include: heat, hot water, lighting, security, basic building maintenance. NOTE: Services are not Amenities. See amenities for things like recreation, oval spaces, playgrounds.
folder Submetering (1)