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How to Represent your Building in Challenging a MCI Application Before the DHCR Rent Administrator

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Last updated: 14 Jul, 2011
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In order for the Tenants Association's counsel to represent you in a Building Wide MCI Application at least one tenant in the building must sign an authorization form.   The form is short and can be downloaded below.  The form designates our attorney, Collins, Dobkin, and Miller to challenge the MCI for the entire building.

What to do:

Download and sign the form to protect your rights and allow the TA to challenge the MCI on your behalf using the collective resources of the Associaion.

How to do it:

1) You may either Download and print the form and complete it by hand or open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader and use the form tool to complete the four necessary fields:  Date, Building Address, Apt, and Printed Name. (Leave the Docket Number blank, we will fill this in for you.)   Then save, print and sign the form.

URL to Form:

2. Make two (2) copies of the form, one for us, one for your records.

3. Return the form to us by any of the following means:  

Give it to your Building Leader or Zone Leader.

Deliver it to the Oval Concerige at 276 First Ave (Loop Road)

Mail it to ST/PCV-TA  Att: MCI Rep, PO Box 1202, New York, NY 10009-1202

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