ST Elevator MCI - PAR Stage

If you are a Rent Stabilized Tenant in one of 69 Stuyvesant Town buildings on the linked list, you have received an “Order Granting MCI Rent Increase” for elevator upgrading. This Order was issued by the NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and becomes effective on dates that vary from building to building. Outstanding elevator violations have delayed issuing the Order in some of them. The increases, which also vary by building, range from about $9 to $13 per room per month.

The Tenants Association as well as individual tenants have filed a Petition for Administrative Review (PAR).  The association’s attorney has received a Request For Information from the DHCR on 27 dockets (or 27 of the 89 buildings) and is in the process of responding.  More are expected.  For more detail visit our MCI section of our Knowledge Base at the link below: