ST Resurfacing, Water Tank, and Doors - Tenants’ Answer Stage

On or about 8/14/2009 the Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) issued to all ST Rent-Stabilized tenants a Notice of MCI Rent Increase Application for Resurfacing, Water Tanks and Doors for an average rent increase of $11.00 per room per month in perpetuity and if granted upon which all future RGB ordered rent increases will be compounded.  This MCI Application is in the DHCR Administrative Review stage at the Tenants Answer/Comments to MCI Application step, which requires individual tenant action.  See the link below for the complete instructions on how to preserve your rights and how to send DHCR a copy of the Association’s carefully researched and constructed Answer to Resurfacing, Water Tank, [and Doors] document.