A Warning:  Fraudulent Pretexting Calls to Roberts Class Members

Attorneys for the Roberts class have received reports of class members getting unsolicited phone calls from unknown entities attempting to acquire the personal information of class members. In one instance, a class member was pretexted by being told they would receive a certain sum of money. Be aware that neither the attorneys for the Roberts class, nor the claims administrator, Berdon Claims Administration are making these calls. Members of the class should not expect such calls and if they receive one should not share any personally identifiable information with the caller. If caller ID is available note the phone number of the caller, the date and time of the call, and the gender of the caller and report this information to the Roberts attorneys at Wolf Haldenstein by calling 212-545-4600 and asking for Mr. Michael Liskow. Class members should await official notification by postal mail from Berdon Claims Administration which is expected in early January.