Association Plans Community House Meetings To Elicit Feedback and Answer Conversion Plan Questions

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association will hold a series of house meetings throughout the community to answer residents’ questions and gather input regarding the proposed tenant -led, non-eviction conversion plan. Any resident can register to host a house meeting and invite their neighbors; TA Board members and trained volunteers will be present at each meeting to answer questions, discuss the plan and gather feedback. "We can come together to take control of our future at Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, but it will take an informed, united community to do it," said Al Doyle, President of the Tenants Association. "Our house meetings will be a way for people to get together with their neighbors to ask questions and share their ideas as the TA develops a plan to bid. We need to learn as much as we can in order to put together a plan that reflects the interests of all tenants." A highly successful pilot house meeting was held earlier last week. Although it was originally planned to be held in a Peter Cooper apartment, so many people wanted to attend the gathering that it had to be moved to the cafeteria of PS 40. The house meetings are intended to continue, on a more personal level, the dialog with residents that the Tenants Association initiated with a community meeting that filled the 1,100-seat Mason Hall of Baruch College, followed by a telephone Town Hall in which several thousand residents participated. “The plan will be developed over the coming months, which is why this community engagement is so important,” Doyle explained. “As we stated when we announced that the Tenants Association will partner with Brookfield Asset Management, built into that partnership is agreement on maintaining affordability, preserving the middle-class character of ST-PCV and its open spaces, protecting those who want to continue to rent, and other important issues. We need to continue to listen carefully to the people who live here to keep developing our plan to bid with everybody’s needs in mind.”

The number of people at house meetings will range from 10 to 20 residents. The Association asks anyone who wants to host a meeting to go to to sign up. Residents without internet access can call 1 (646) 403-9747 to register to host a meeting.

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