Important Deadlines and Update on NTT Storage Retrieval

The TA's legal committee has been negotiating with management for the last week over removal of property that may be damaged or contaminated in the storage areas. All tenants who have not signed releases and who still have property remaining in their storage spaces should receive a notice from management by today (Friday 11/30) granting five additional days to seek relocation of their property by management and an additional period of time to retrieve their property at the relocation site. It is vital that you review and respond to the notice from management in a timely way. If you have any questions about it contact the TA message center at 1-866-290-9036 or follow this link to contact us electronically. The TA's counsel has recommended against signing any release or waiver forms at this time. All negotiations and actions taken by the TA are without prejudice to any rights tenants may continue to have with respect to property losses.