Stuy-Town Repaving Major Capital Improvement (MCI) Application

Tishman Speyer appears to be trying to make up at least part of its billions in losses on its disastrous purchase of our community by piling on the MCIs. In Peter Cooper Village, a notice came around in August announcing a new Major Capital Improvement application for water tanks and valves. But that’s small potatoes compared to Stuyvesant Town, which has just been hit with a really big one for repaving and other items. That’s on top of the already heavy load of MCIs for elevators, intercoms. and roofs.

The Tenants Association has already done the necessary filings contesting the earlier MCIs but linked on this page are instructions for how you can help in fighting the latest application.

You can help even further by circulating it to rent-stabilized people on your floor – especially older residents who may not be computer savvy.