Sandy Service Restoration, Property Loss, and Gas Repair Survey

The Tenants Association needs your input as it evaluates seeking additional rent abatements from CW Capital for residents who were without some services after they had been restored to most buildings or apartments. We have created a survey for you to use to note when any of the following services were restored to your apartment: electricity, heat, hot water, cooking gas for your stove, elevators, working Intercoms, lobby lifts (PCV only), and in-building laundry facilities. The survey may be completed on line at In addition, please report whether you have sustained loss or damage for items stored in NTT basement storage lockers or for cars parked in garages. Also, let us know if you were one of the residents whose apartment was forcibly entered by management and Con Edison for the purpose of restoring gas service. Your answers will help us develop the specifics we need to present in seeking abatements for you and other residents in addition to those management has offered. Thank you for taking the time to give us your input.