I am a tenant in an apartment located in Stuyvesant Town or Peter Cooper Village ("ST/PCV").

In light of the recent notice of foreclosure on this property and likely sale, I want to stand with my fellow tenants to protect the affordability of our homes, the proper maintenance of our buildings, and the character of our community. I recognize that the interests of all tenants — those who want to own their apartments and those who don't, those who are long-term rent-stabilized tenants and those who rented more recently at “the market” — will best be served if we join together and speak with a single voice.


  1. I designate the Board of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association, Inc. to make efforts to negotiate on behalf of the Tenants and to act to protect our interests.

  2. Prior to agreeing to purchase my apartment, I will give the Tenants Association the opportunity to present me with a plan for my consideration.

Although I want the Board and its advisors to research options and to negotiate on my behalf, this document does not bind me in any way, or compel me to waive any rights I may have under the law.

I understand that in any negotiations, the Tenants Association will act to protect the rights and interests of all tenants, whether they wish to remain as renters or if they wish to buy their homes.

By submitting this Agreement electronically, I am not authorizing the Tenants Association to disclose (other than to its representatives) my name as a party to this Agreement.

I want to stand with my neighbors as one united community.