Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association

Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association

Stuyvesant Town Oval Café and Booze

Liquor license for Oval Café had been applied for and was to have been discussed at CB6 meeting March 27. Owner withdrew application pending further consideration but residents still need to comment.

Spring Is Delayed: So Are Roberts Settlement Checks and Sandy Rent Credits for Stuyvesant Town

Lawyers for the Roberts tenants say the second settlement payment is delayed. Tenants who filed for Sandy-related rent reduction credit must wait for DHCR to sign off on the settlement agreement.

Early Lease Renewals — the Latest “Incentive”

Selected tenants are receiving offers of early renewal with 12-month or 24-month options and a guarantee of no rent increase. Sounds good — but ...

Tenants Association Soliciting Candidates for Board Elections - Petitioning Begins

Petition forms are now available.  Click through to learn more.

Tired of Being Clobbered by Unfair Rent Increases? Time for a Tenant-Friendly Rent Guidelines Board

TA launches three-part campaign to tell Mayor Bill de Blasio that tenants need relief from unfair rent increases and ask him to appoint tenant-friendly members to the board.

New Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Management Office — What’s Going On?

TA to hold second meeting on construction of new management office, February 18, 2014, at P.S. 40 at 6PM. Meeting specifically and solely to address quality-of-life concerns such as noise, hours of operations, dust, vermin, and landscaping, etc.

Stuy Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Assc. Wins Rent Reduction for Sandy-Affected Tenants

Benefits to complainants who signed on to the master complaint include a one-time additional rent abatement and new free trunk storage service.  All tenants benefit from guaranteed bicycle storage.

Apartment too hot or too cold?

Polar vortex tests management’s heat control system often leaving apartments and residents too hot or too cold.

Tenants with Preferential Rents (Roberts and Recent Tenants) Should Pay MCI Increase for Now

Preferential renters who are hit with MCI charges despite not receiving MCI orders should pay these charges — for now.

MCIs to Appear on January 2014 Rent Bills, but Talks with Management Continue

Credits from any possible settlement would be applied retroactively.

No MCI Rent Increases On December Rent Bills

CW Capital and CompassRock Real Estate have agreed to defer MCI billing until January 2014. As a result, your December 2013 rent bills will not include the recently approved MCI’s. CWCapital, the ST/PCV Tenants Association and DHCR are engaged in discussions regarding the implementation of the MCI’s and we will keep residents informed of any developments.

Links To The Public Membership Pledge and Membership Forms

DHCR has granted our request for reconsideration!  it is still important, however, that tenants join and continue to sign and return Public Member Pledges since new Orders will be issued after the DHCR completes its Reconsideration.  Click through to download the forms.

Owner’s “MCI Help Center” Will Help Owner More than Tenants

CW opens MCI Help Center in effort to “union bust” the Tenants Association. Their “help” will be to scare you into signing their offer, which is a legal agreement. Be wary. Be very wary. There are good reasons not to sign anything. Read on….

HCR Grants Request for Reconsideration of MCI Increases, Buying Tenants Vital Time

HCR grants tenants’ request (with conditions) and renders Petitions for Administrative Review (PARs) moot. Tenants Association’s counsel characterizes Management’s offer as “illusory, deceptive and unenforceable.” TA counsel urges tenants not to respond to management’s offer and to stay united.

CWCapital Attempting to Derail TA’s Appeal of MCI Orders

Beware of landlords bearing gifts! CWCapital’s latest “offer” to tenants needs careful analysis. Our attorney advises: hold off on taking action on it for now.

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