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Non-renewal of Lease Notices Surge

​Based on calls to the Tenants Association Message Center in the past few weeks, it appears that management has issued a number of Golub (non-renewal) notices. A Golub is a notice that a landlord serves upon a tenant prior to a renewal lease if the landlord believes he has evidence that the apartment is not the tenant’s primary residence. Under rent stabilization law, primary residence is defined as a total of 183 days spent in the tenant’s housing accommodation during the most recent calendar year.

In instances where the landlord believes the leaseholder has not been in the apartment for 183 days, the landlord serves the Golub Notice and withholds the renewal lease. The Golub Notice must be served 90 to 150 days before the expiration date of the current lease.

What the landlord looks for: There have been instances in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in the past where the landlord’s evidence has been inadequate or erroneous -- out-of-state taxes or car registrations filed by someone with an identical name, for example. Unfortunately, even in such a case, the tenant needs to produce records that dispute the evidence and needs to contact an attorney.

  • An additional address or residence (It is perfectly legal to have another residence but it must be occupied less than half a year by the individual.)

  • A car registered in another state

  • Taxes filed in another state

  • Utility bills or other regular charges in another state

  • Voting in another state

  • Evidence of no keycard usage for more than 183 day

Once the Golub Notice is served and the tenant’s lease has expired, the landlord can start a summary eviction proceeding in Housing Court to recover possession of the tenant’s apartment.

If you have received a Golub Notice but believe you have solid pushback, the Tenants Association urges you to contact our Message Center at (866) 290-9036 so we can stay on top of the situation.  (It should be noted that the person seeking to renew the lease must be the tenant of record, not someone simply listed as an occupant.)

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