COVID-19 2nd Rent Relief Letter to Rick Hayduk

COVID-19 2nd Rent Relief Letter to Rick Hayduk

On September 10, 2020, your Tenants Association sent a letter to CEO and General Manager Rick Hayduk about the effect of Covid-19 on our community, based on the results of our survey, which gathered 945 responses. We explained why the property owner, Blackstone, should and could do more to keep our neighbors in their homes.

Management’s recent response provided no meaningful improvement, so today we sent another letter to Rick Hayduk with this message from the board of directors:

As you know, the welfare of our tenants is the Tenants Association's priority. The small adjustment you made in the Financial Hardship Assistance Program still does not provide tenants real relief. Therefore, we are responding to the adjusted FHAP and urging you to do more for existing tenants so they can continue to call Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village home.

Please read the attached.

Thank you.

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Posted 10/12/20