Filming on the Property: Your Right to Privacy

Filming on the Property: Your Right to Privacy

Many residents saw notices about management filming in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village posted on the property on Sunday, 9/17/17, and Monday, 9/18/17. The notice, in brief, indicated that anyone entering the area automatically consented to be photographed, filmed, or recorded for any use—throughout the universe in perpetuity.

The same issue came up a number of years ago with previous owner Tishman Speyer. At that time, the Tenants Association advised Tishman Speyer that filming individuals without their written consent is a misdemeanor violation of Section 50 of New York’s Civil Rights law.

Last week on behalf of the TA, Councilmember Dan Garodnick contacted StuyTown Property Services General Manager Rick Hayduk to object to the broad language of the notice.

Hayduk stated clearly and unequivocally that—despite the language of the posted notice—individuals' images would not be used without their consent. He also advised that the filming was for a Blackstone internal video and not for promotional materials.

Hayduk has committed that, should future filming take place, he will include language in publicly posted signs that will make clear that no one's image will be used without their explicit written consent.