Intercom Update: List Your Name by Opting In

Intercom Update: List Your Name by Opting In

Management has agreed to let tenants list their names in the intercom directory if they choose. Tenants will be allowed to opt in to having their names included. It will once again be possible for visitors, household staff, delivery people, emergency workers, and others to reach the correct tenant in the correct apartment by using the intercom.

Without notifying tenants, management recently removed tenants’ names from our intercom system. This followed the removal of the paper building directories from our lobbies and names not being placed on apartment doors.

The Tenants Association had already told management that we objected to the removal of the lobby directories, and again we raised our objections—and tenants'—about the intercoms. We suggested an opt-out process, which we thought would be easier to implement. However, management prefers an opt-in. 

Whatever the process, our efforts resulted in names being restored.

  • Management has agreed to let tenants opt in to having their names listed in the intercom directory.
  • Management will not, however, restore the paper directories to lobbies.
  • Nor will they place names on the doors of new tenants.

Soon management will be communicating with tenants in various ways about how they can opt in to the intercom directory.

Management has also informed us that the intercom system will no longer be used to send messages to tenants because tenants trying to retrieve and erase messages found the system confusing

"This positive change for the intercom directories is a result of the Tenants Association keeping close tabs on events in the community, making it possible for tenants to reach us directly, and taking concerns directly to management on a regular basis. We thank CEO and General Manager Rick Hayduk for listening to these concerns and changing course in part on this particular issue," said Susan Steinberg, president of the TA.

Posted 11/23/19