Lease Renewal Increases

NYC Rent Guidelines Board

Leases starting or renewing Oct. 1, 2024, through Sept. 30, 2025:
1-year lease: 2.75%
2-year lease: 5.25%

Media release following RGB vote

Leases starting or renewing Oct. 1, 2023, through Sept. 30, 2024:
1-year lease: 3%
2-year lease:
first year 2.75%; second year 3.2% of the amount charged in the first year

"An Introduction to the NYC Rent Guidelines Board and the Rent Stabilization System"

Historical increases

Invited testimony of attorney Tim Collins 4/25/24 starts at 1:33:39

TA statement on the 2022–2023 rent increases

Invited testimony of Tim Collins 4/26/22