Lobby Directory and Intercom Update

Lobby Directory and Intercom Update

Management has agreed to restore lobby and intercom directories. After multiple discussions with management over several months, the TA has been able to get our directories restored, both the paper directory in the lobby and the listing of names in the intercom. Management had removed the lobby directories and resident names from the intercoms.

At first, we were able to get management only to allow you to opt in to having your name in the intercom (you notified management via a card or online). But we persisted. We asked the TA attorneys to look into the matter, and they discovered cases that would have allowed us to file for a rent reduction due to the directories being removed. This was in addition to violations of the housing code

We’re happy to report that management will undertake an opt-out effort to all tenants. The intercoms should already have the names of anyone who responded to management's opt-in offer.

“We believe it’s important for neighbors to know one another, whether for forging friendships or looking out for one another in emergencies such as Superstorm Sandy. That has always been a strength of our community,” said Susan Steinberg, president of the TA.

Management has committed to restoring the lobby directories and the names of those who don’t opt out by March 11, 2020.

Read the letter from the attorney to management.

Posted 2/13/20