Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation—Con Ed and NYS Public Meeting, Wed., Nov. 1, 2017

Councilmember Dan Garodnick has put together an FAQ about the MGP situation.

History: Before ST and PCV were built, parts of the site were occupied by manufactured gas plants to convert coal and oil into gas and store it. The process created by-products and waste, which are still underground. Three sites are in ST, and one is in PCV.

Now: For over 10 years, Con Ed has sampled our indoor air—they say it’s OK. Con Ed has also checked for evidence of MGP-related impacts below the ground surface—they say they’re at least 5 feet below the surface with the majority much deeper.

The plan: Con Ed plans to remove the MGP material, and there will be policies to prohibit and prevent exposure to any materials that remain on-site. Also involved are the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the NYS Dept. of Health.

This is a necessarily brief summary, so please go to this website. Click on the fact sheets for a two-page summary of the situation. The decision documents contain more information, including helpful maps on the last page. Materials are also available for viewing at the Epiphany branch of the New York Public Library, on E. 23rd St.

And come to the meeting on Wed., Nov. 1, at 7 p.m. at MSBI's Podell Auditorium to hear more and voice your concerns. The public review period will be extended until Dec. 1.

The Podell Auditorium is located in MSBI's Bernstein Building, 10 Perlman Place. That's one block west of First Ave. between 15th and 16th Sts.

Note: Some of the information contained here is taken from the Con Ed fact sheets.