Service Complaints

Our system of rent regulations guarantees every tenant basic rights. These regulations as well as provisions of the Real Property Law and Multiple Dwelling Law mandate that the landlord maintain the premises in good repair, provide hot water 24 hours a day, and heat from October through May in order to maintain minimum temperatures.

See below on how to request a rent reduction due to decreased services.

If you have problems with heat or hot water, or if you notice rats, mice or roaches, or any other problem, it is important to report each episode to the Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant Town Management Office. Keep a record of each episode, and contact the appropriate city agency when required. Also, management must keep the premises free from dirt, filth, garbage, or other matter dangerous to life or health.

If you experience these problems, follow these simple steps:

1. Call Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant Town Management Office at 212-420-5000 and press #1.

2.  Call the appropriate city agency:

Heat, hot water, repair Housing Preservation & Development Code Enforcement

311 or

(212) 863-6300

Rats, mice, roaches, water bugs, or garbage Department of Health

311 or


3.  Keep a log of your complaints:

  • Below is an example of a Service Complaint Log. The form is available in Adobe Acrobat format for easier printing.  

4.  If the problem persists, send a letter to Stuytown Property Services, 276 First Avenue, New York, NY 10009, and to the appropriate city agency, along with a copy of your log. (Keep original for your files.)

  • After-Hours Service Calls: When the Resident Services Department is closed and you have a service call that requires an immediate response, call Public Safety at (212) 598-5233.

Example of a Service Complaint Log (Get and print this form in a PDF or Word format)

Date Complaint
PCV/ST Office
City Agency

How to request a rent reduction due to decreased services:

The Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) is the state agency that regulates rent stabilized apartments. The DHCR has a process in place for filing for rent reductions due to increase services, either by an individual apartment, or by one or many tenants on a building wide basis.

Be warned that this is a complicated process. In 1997 the laws were changed by the Pataki administration making these types of complaints more difficult to file. Careful attention to the instructions are important, otherwise the complaint is disqualified. To learn more on how to file for a rent reduction please visit these pages at the DHCR's web site:

Fact Sheet #14 - Rent Reductions for Decreased Services

Form RA-81 - Application for a Rent Reduction Based Upon Decreased Service(s) - Individual Apartment

Form RA-84 - Application for a Rent Reduction Based Upon Decreased Building-Wide Service(s)

Form RA-84.2 - Supplement for a Rent Reduction Based Upon Decreased Building-Wide Service(s) Laundry, Doorman, Security, Storage, and/or Playgrounds


Updated 8/28/22