Tues., May 14—Bus to Albany for Stronger Rent Laws. If You Pay Rent, This Trip’s for You!

Rent laws that protect all of us expire 6/15/19. This year we have a tenant-friendly legislature, and many of its members are cosponsoring nine bills that strengthen and expand the laws.

WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. The governor and legislators need to see we care and how important this is for tenants. Four years ago we filled three buses—let's do it again!

  • Paying market rate with a preferential rent? Your lower, preferential rent will be the basis of renewal increases, if any.
  • Longtime tenant? The protections of rent stabilization will be extended. MCIs will no longer suck extra money from your wallet.
  • Thinking of moving? You’ll get the right to renew the lease at your new place at a reasonable amount.

So get on the bus to Albany, Tues., May 14.

RSVP: By May 5, reserve your place online. Fill in Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village in the space for organization. Or call (212) 979-6958. Questions? Contact the TA Message Center at (866) 290-9036.

Learn more about how the laws affect ST/PCV.

Sign a petition.

Posted 4/26/19