UPDATE: Electeds send letter to Rick Hayduk supporting our request for rent relief

Seven months into the pandemic, some neighbors still need rent relief. Management's latest response has been minimal. State Sen. Brad Hoylman, Assembly Member Harvey Epstein, and Council Member Keith Powers supported our latest attempt to get management to offer existing tenants what they're using to lure in new tenants.

Read their letter.

Our previous post about this.

Posted 10/20/20

COVID-19 2nd Rent Relief Letter to Rick Hayduk

On September 10, 2020, your Tenants Association sent a letter to CEO and General Manager Rick Hayduk about the effect of Covid-19 on our community, based on the results of our survey, which gathered 945 responses. We explained why the property owner, Blackstone, should and could do more to keep our neighbors in their homes.

Management’s recent response provided no meaningful improvement, so today we sent another letter to Rick Hayduk with this message from the board of directors:

As you know, the welfare of our tenants is the Tenants Association's priority. The small adjustment you made in the Financial Hardship Assistance Program still does not provide tenants real relief. Therefore, we are responding to the adjusted FHAP and urging you to do more for existing tenants so they can continue to call Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village home.

Please read the attached.

Thank you.

Read the letter.

Posted 10/12/20

COVID-19 Community Impact Survey letter

With our community still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, today we sent a letter to CEO and General Manager Rick Hayduk. 

Posted 9/10/20

In response to recent events, the TA has issued the following statement:

As the Tenants Association of Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village, our mission is to represent and support ALL tenants of the complex. Since our inception, approximately 70 years ago, our support has come primarily in the form of fighting for tenants’ rights to affordable housing and advocating to management on behalf of tenants on quality of life issues.

As a tenants association, we want and need to reinforce that we represent and fight for every tenant. The Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association will not tolerate any acts of hate or violence directed toward any of our fellow tenants. We expect all community members to feel welcome and comfortable in their STPCV homes. 

As obvious as that sounds, unfortunately original owner MetLife’s history of discriminatory renting policies at Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village has put our community behind the times in being truly inclusive. In 1952, thanks to the Town and Village Tenants Committee to End Discrimination in Stuyvesant Town—the precursor to the current Tenants Association—the discriminatory renting policies of MetLife were “officially” overturned. However, MetLife’s rental exclusion persisted for several more decades. As a result, we are not nearly as diverse a community as we should be. It is an unfortunate part of the complex’s history. 

While we can’t change the past, we CAN change the present and future of the 80 acres of greenery we are all lucky to call home. To that end, the TA is opening a broader dialogue on what it means to be a resident of color in STPCV and the particular challenges that may come with it. Recent posts and comments on the TA Facebook page have given us a starting point and uncovered some enlightening, and sometimes disturbing, insights. We are committed to listening, learning, and changing, and have already begun talking to tenants of color about how we can grow as a truly inclusive organization and community. The TA looks forward to evolving our efforts, activities, and programs to make Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village the truly inclusive and welcoming community we know it can be. 

If you would like to contribute to these discussions, please contact us, through our Peter Stuyvesant Facebook Messenger account, via email at stpcvta.org/contact_us, or call us at 1-866-290-9036.

And finally, just to reiterate, we reject racism and hate in this unique community, and the TA will do everything in our power to fight it when we see it.

Your Tenants Association



5 Candidates Endorsed for the Board; Other TA Members May Petition

NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTSThe Board of Directors of the STPCV Tenants Association endorses five candidates for positions on the board as recommended by the Nominating Committee. The election date is May 30, 2020.

Candidates endorsed by the Board include:

Kirstin Aadahl
Current board member and secretary of the TA, Kirstin serves on the Maintenance/Quality of Life Committee and manages responses to tenants who contact the TA online. Kirstin coordinated demonstrations in front of the leasing office in 2014, when CWCapital issued mid-lease rent increases to Roberts tenants. Kirstin has lived in the community with her husband and daughter for 14 years. She has been a Special Education teacher, held a two-year term as PTA co-president at P.S. 40, is active in the PTA at MS 104, and works at the Third Street Music School.

Arica Aylesworth
Arica, a tax lawyer who took leave to raise her three school-aged children, has lived in ST since 2010; her husband is an original tenant. Since 2015 she has been the admin of the Stuyvesant Moms Facebook page with the goal of strengthening community bonds. She has organized community events such as donating Irish dance performances by her children and their Irish dance school for Stuy Town seniors at the Community Center, and organized toy drives through the Stuyvesant Moms group and the NYPD during the holiday season. She has met with management and Council Member Keith Powers regarding quality of life issues on the property. She looks forward to joining forces with the TA on quality of life issues and strengthening protections for tenants.

Denise Favorule
Denise is an officer and member of the Henry George School of Social Science board of directors, and an associate real estate broker with the Corcoran Group. For more than two decades, Denise has been a sales and marketing executive and a successful negotiator and dealmaker. Denise previously worked as executive VP for National Enterprise at the XO Group, the leading web-based life stage media and advertising tech marketing company serving millennial women; as a senior sales executive with global brands such as Reader’s Digest Association and Prevention magazine; and as a senior account management executive at Ogilvy & Mather, a global advertising agency. Denise studied General Business and Communications at Baruch College and NYU. She lives in Stuyvesant Town (since 1988) with her two children.

Adam Liggio
A lottery tenant, Adam was active in the tenants association where he previously lived, in Williamsburg, where he fought for better security and maintenance. He founded a food company specializing in gluten-free products and has had a career in media: as general manager of a not-for-profit film company producing social justice films for the education market, as a production manager for MTV Networks, and similar roles at other production companies.

Steven Newmark
Steven has served on the TA board for over a decade, where he helped lead organizing efforts in the wake of the Roberts litigation. As chair of the Legal Committee, he has helped formulate strategies for pending MCIs and other issues. Steven and his wife have lived in ST since 2007, and Steven coaches his children’s teams in Peter Stuyvesant Little League and the Manhattan Kickers Soccer Club. Steven is General Counsel and Director of Policy for the Global Healthy Living Foundation, an international patients’ rights organization. He previously worked as Chief Health Policy Advisor in the Mayor’s Office and as Special Counsel to the president of NYC Health + Hospitals. He is an adjunct professor in health policy at Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs and a guest lecturer at Columbia University.

The petitioning period to be a candidate for the board is now beginning for those who did not apply during the interview period. Interested candidates who are current members of the TA may seek a place on the ballot by submitting a petition signed by a minimum of thirty (30) members of the TA who are current in their dues as of the April 10, 2020, Record Date. No more than one candidate’s name may be included on any one petition.

Petitions must include signature, printed name, address, and apartment number. The Nominating Committee will judge the validity of all petitions. Petitioning ends on April 11, 2020.

Petition forms are available for download on the Tenants Association website. In addition to the petition, candidates must submit a document that includes:

  • Their name, address (including apartment number), telephone, and email;
  • A statement that they are 18 years of age or older; and
  • A summary of their qualifications in 100 words or less.

On Saturday, April 4, 2020, TA representatives will be available at the Community Center, 2:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m., to verify the membership status of petition signers.

Petitions and accompanying documentation should either be—

  • mailed to Nominating Committee, ST/PCV Tenants Association, P.O. Box 1202, New York, NY 10009 and received at the post office no later than April 11; OR
  • dropped in our drop box at Oval Services or at the Community Center (449 East 14th Street, First Avenue Loop), no later than 3:00 p.m., April 11; OR
  • sent in PDF form via email to [email protected] no later than 5:00 p.m., April 11.

Nominating Committee: Anne Greenberg, Michael Lang, Jeanette Snow, Wendy Byrne, and Bill Sterling.

Posted 3/5/20

Lobby Directory and Intercom Update

Management has agreed to restore lobby and intercom directories. After multiple discussions with management over several months, the TA has been able to get our directories restored, both the paper directory in the lobby and the listing of names in the intercom. Management had removed the lobby directories and resident names from the intercoms.

At first, we were able to get management only to allow you to opt in to having your name in the intercom (you notified management via a card or online). But we persisted. We asked the TA attorneys to look into the matter, and they discovered cases that would have allowed us to file for a rent reduction due to the directories being removed. This was in addition to violations of the housing code

We’re happy to report that management will undertake an opt-out effort to all tenants. The intercoms should already have the names of anyone who responded to management's opt-in offer.

“We believe it’s important for neighbors to know one another, whether for forging friendships or looking out for one another in emergencies such as Superstorm Sandy. That has always been a strength of our community,” said Susan Steinberg, president of the TA.

Management has committed to restoring the lobby directories and the names of those who don’t opt out by March 11, 2020.

Read the letter from the attorney to management.

Posted 2/13/20

2020 TA Board Election—Notice to All Residents

The Nominating Committee of the Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association (the “TA”) is soliciting candidates for election to the TA’s Board of Directors. Five director positions are available. The election will take place in May 2020.

This is an excellent opportunity for the community-minded to participate in a meaningful leadership role and help make decisions that have a positive impact on their neighbors and themselves.

Deadline for submission of applications for Director is February 7, 2020.

Requirements for Director

  • A resident of Stuyvesant Town–Peter Cooper Village
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Current member of the TA

In addition, candidates:

  • Should be prepared to spend at least 20 hours each month on TA business
  • Commit to a monthly board meeting and other phone, remote video, or in-person TA meetings as needed
  • Be prepared to participate in one or more TA committees

Application Requirements
Candidates must submit documentation to the Nominating Committee by February 7, 2020, consisting of:

  • A résumé or biography, maximum of two pages, stating relevant qualifications, including past community activities, professional or work experience
  • A brief statement of why you are interested in serving on the Board
  • Best contact phone number and email address

Applications should be submitted in PDF format via email to [email protected]. Once a candidate is deemed qualified, an interview will follow. Residents will be notified of the approved slate and informed of an alternate process for running if not on the slate.


Posted 1/13/2020

Intercom Update: List Your Name by Opting In

Management has agreed to let tenants list their names in the intercom directory if they choose. Tenants will be allowed to opt in to having their names included. It will once again be possible for visitors, household staff, delivery people, emergency workers, and others to reach the correct tenant in the correct apartment by using the intercom.

Without notifying tenants, management recently removed tenants’ names from our intercom system. This followed the removal of the paper building directories from our lobbies and names not being placed on apartment doors.

The Tenants Association had already told management that we objected to the removal of the lobby directories, and again we raised our objections—and tenants'—about the intercoms. We suggested an opt-out process, which we thought would be easier to implement. However, management prefers an opt-in. 

Whatever the process, our efforts resulted in names being restored.

  • Management has agreed to let tenants opt in to having their names listed in the intercom directory.
  • Management will not, however, restore the paper directories to lobbies.
  • Nor will they place names on the doors of new tenants.

Soon management will be communicating with tenants in various ways about how they can opt in to the intercom directory.

Management has also informed us that the intercom system will no longer be used to send messages to tenants because tenants trying to retrieve and erase messages found the system confusing

"This positive change for the intercom directories is a result of the Tenants Association keeping close tabs on events in the community, making it possible for tenants to reach us directly, and taking concerns directly to management on a regular basis. We thank CEO and General Manager Rick Hayduk for listening to these concerns and changing course in part on this particular issue," said Susan Steinberg, president of the TA.

Posted 11/23/19

Housing Forum, Sat., Oct. 19—Just for ST & PCV

We’ve organized a forum just for ST and PCV residents so you can learn more about the historic Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019. THIS LAW AFFECTS US ALL.

Date: Saturday, October 19
Time: 1–4 p.m.
Where: Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s Podell Auditorium (ADA accessible)
10 Nathan D. Perlman Place, between 15th & 16th Sts., one block west of First Ave.


  • How much can my rent go up?
  • MCIs—what’s changing? How much can be added to my rent?
  • My rent is over $2,775—how am I affected?
  • I’m a lottery tenant. What does this mean for me?
  • And more!

Read a summary of the new law.

Even if you attended other forums, you may want to attend this one.

Confirmed speakers:
State Senator Brad Hoylman
Assembly Member Harvey Epstein
Council Member Keith Powers
Tim Collins, attorney, Collins, Dobkin & Miller
Cathleen McCadden, Director, Intergovernmental Affairs
Woody Pascal, Deputy Commissioner
Anthony Tatano, Assistant Commissioner
Joseph Palozzola, VP, Intergovernmental Affairs

Posted 10/11/19

Major Polling Site Change in Stuyvesant Town

September 12—Thousands of Stuyvesant Town tenants learned yesterday that they would have to go across East 14th Street to 611 East 13th Street in Campos Plaza Community Center to vote, in accordance with a Poll Site Change Notice from the Board of Elections (BoE).

Year after year, polling sites, once numerous on the grounds of STPCV, have disappeared. Now even residents with 20th Street addresses are instructed to go to East 13th Street.

Tenants bombarded the STPCV Tenants Association Message Center and Council Member Keith Powers’s office on Wednesday, September 11, when the notices hit. Powers’s office had been working with the Board of Elections to find sites within the complex that would be more readily accessible, but the BoE did not inform him that a decision had been made or that notices would be sent. While the BoE has very stringent requirements for accessibility and number of voters allowed at any one site, there are sites on the property—such as the Community Center—that could be used, even if regular operations have to be suspended for one or two days a year.

“This begins to feel like voter suppression,” said Susan Steinberg, TA president. “What about other commercial or storage spaces on the property? And why is the Community Center no longer being made available?” said Steinberg. “We are flabbergasted that a community once riddled with polling sites now can’t accommodate its voters.”

Powers’s office is still trying to get this situation resolved so that seniors and the disabled, for whom the site was ostensibly changed, do not have to cross a street made dangerous for them by L-train construction and others don’t have to walk as much as half a mile to vote.

Posted 9/14/19